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I was born in 1957 in Czechoslovakia. When I was 15 years old I heard a sound of 5-string banjo and I was fascinated. I bought Marma banjo made in German Democratic Republic. Later I bought Kertak banjo, but these two banjos are similar types. These banjos were the only ones you could buy in my country those days. They didn´t meet the basic technical or sound parameters. So I decided to make a good banjo myself.

There was a violin-maker in my village and in his workshop I started to make my own banjo. Banjo with standard parameters. I met many craftsmen and experts in various professions and I would never made it without their help. Carpenters, lathe operators, goldsmiths, varnishers, watchmakers, guitar-makers...

Later, in 1989, situation changed and I was able to order technical literature, plans, tools and spare parts from all around the world... And now I have my own high quality workshop to make and repair musical instruments.

During the last 40 years of my work experience I have been improving my skills in making musical instruments. Now I can make a banjo, dobro, guitar, mandoline, electronic guitar and a bass guitar.
I mostly use slovak maple. It is one of the best materials but it is important to know its growth origin and this is not easy to find out with imported trees. I also use alpine or american maple.
For upper plates I use european spruce, american spruce and occasionally cedar.

Wood working
I use so called "violin" method which is considered to be the best way of making all musical instruments.

I prefer to use gley. Gley is one of the best glues in the world, but it is hard to work with so not many people use it. Gley lasts for more then 400 years and the violin still works.

For standard musical instruments I use nitrocellulose lacquer and special violin lacquer for the more expensive types. I never use polyurethane and polyester. It has a negative effect on the resonance.

My instruments are made of solid timber, gley glued and lacquered with Nitrocellulose Lacquer or Violin Varnish.

Eventually I developed my own lite banjo with concert like sound. My own experiences thought me what it´s like to play banjo for several hours. Therefore, every gram taken off from the banjo´s weight is valuable. Without affecting the sound quality, of course.

Quality musical instrument offers quality sound, beauty, scent and positive energy, and therefore it is important to find the right place for it at home and not just to close it in the case.

I am the only manufacturer of DOBRO in Slovakia.

I offer a life time guarantee on all instruments manufactured in my workshop.

In addition I carry out any necessary repairs on string instruments, both acustic and electrophonic.

My very good friend and a great craftsman once told me that I made beautiful portraits with the beautiful sound.

If you are interested in buying a quality instrument from my workshop, you´re on the right web page.

Vladimír Hlohovský
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